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An additional THIRTEEN section-hiking southbounders responded as well, but their responses are not included in the Here we'll take a look at DATES for thru-hikes, whether hikers were on their FIRST THRU-HIKE, what trails people ALREADY HIKED, whether hikers BEGAN ALONE, and what everyone thought about TRAIL EVENTS.Of the If you're into this kind of stuff, I will taking a deep dive into the differences between hikers who finished and those who did not in a future post.Here are the HIKING STATS, including DAILY MILEAGE, number of ZEROES/NEAR-OS taken, and whether hikers FLIP-FLOPPED, hiked WHITNEY, hiked the ENTIRE PCT, or would hike the PCT AGAIN.

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The question of water treatment and hygiene is a big consideration for hikers (however, it's typically something you worry less about as the trail goes on).A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to participate. When I started this survey following my own Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike, I was hoping to create a resource that would help hikers answer all the questions I had prior to starting the PCT.