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15-Oct-2017 18:47

I am located in Stoneham at the junction of Route 128 and Route 93.""I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

That means, I am not only working with individuals on their individual and relationship issues, but also working with the couple on their relationship issues.

I enjoy working with people to experience more fulfilling lives, have successful, positive relationships, learn more effective ways of coping and communicating, and develop his/her best self.""If you,or your child or teen is sad, anxious, depressed, or struggling with relationships at home or in school, call me.

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I have also worked with the couple transformed their relationships from fighting and breaking up into satisfaction and happiness.

I provide a safe, caring environment for clients to explore these areas utilizing a variety of modalities including individual, couples and family therapy.""I believe that therapy is an effective tool for promoting growth and fostering a greater sense of clarity and wellbeing.