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Dno tepsije veličine 25 cm obložite sa papirom za pečenje,a ivice premažite sa margarinom.

Staviti prvo centralni deo, a onda poslagati isečeno testo u krug,sa užim delom prema centru.

Telesdon reappeared in episode 10 of the series Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey.

In this series, Telesdon belonged to an Alien Zetton and was sent to battle Alien Hook’s Re-Dorako.

After a scuffle with the Underground People, Kenichi Kai turned into Ultraman Powered and went to the surface to fight Telesdon.

As Powered and Telesdon were fighting, WINR attempted to blind the creature with magnesium flares.

Testo tanje razvući, premazati margarinom i preklopiti ga kao pismo. Jednu polovinu testa razvući na 80 x 15 cm, a zatim iseči na tri trake od kojih se napravi pletenica.

Telesdon was one of monsters who were revived by Ultraman Belial as part of his Monster Army.Once Telesdon's movements were headed towards Los Angeles, WINR quickly went to the scene, but as soon as the sun rose, Telesdon fled underground to avoid being blinded by the sun's light.Soon, a game of "cat and mouse" is set up to lure Telesdon to the surface to be blinded by natural lights, but the trick doesn't work as Telesdon was NOT weak against other forms of light.He was first seen as a spirit in 2 shots of the Monster Graveyard.

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The first one was with King Joe Black, Red King, Doragory, Alien Babarue, and an unknown kaiju while the second one was being emanated by the Plamsa Spark along with Sadola, King Gesura, Zetton, Jasyuline, and Angross.

As Litra distracted Golza, Gomora battled with Telesdon in a beam battle with Telesdon's flames and Gomora's Oscillatory Ray.

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