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From various Mishnayot (see below) we see that a Ger's possessions seem to continue to belong to him after he converts.

In that case, the moment your buyer converts, he owns Chametz on Pessach - Chametz from which everybody is now forbidden to derive benefit from - similar to any Chametz a Jew owns on Pessach. If the non-Jew has children who knew about the sale, since according to Torah law a non-Jew inherits his father automatically - they just buy it back from the son.

The person who is in possession of the chametz and wants to get rid of it for the holiday goes to the rabbi and authorizes the rabbi, "I want you to do this sale for me when Passover comes." It's a power of attorney.

The objects that are being sold remain in your home.

From now on we will be using the google doc below as the sole source for our tehillim list.

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RABBI YOSEF LANDA ( There are many ways that you can rid your home of chametz.

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This would be a serious violation of both eating Chametz as well as stealing from the person ... 448:5 rules that chometz which is found in your home after Pesach, even if you nullified it, is forbidden.

In Sharei Teshuvah on Orach Chaim 4 he quotes Sh"ut Veshav Hakohen who concludes that Bdi'avad -especially by Chometz Derabanan- one could rely on those who say that a Koton is Koneh rental of property. The Tur there (cited by Magen Avraham and Taz) explains that we are worried that a person will say he nullified it even if he didn't.

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Howard Shalowitz praying: “Any chametz, or leaven, that is in my possession, whether I have recognized it or not, whether I’ve seen it or not, whether I’ve removed it or not, should be annulled and become owner-less, like the dust of the earth.” RABBI LANDA: Jews have been observing Passover and the prohibition of chametz for 3,300 years.