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Any family info in Lomba da Maia and San Miguel please respond. If anyone makes a request, I will send them a post card telling them when they can expect the material. The most recent of my sunames are, on my father's side: de Lima, Simas, Correiro, Coreia, Medeiros, Rodrigues. On my mother's side we have: Moniz, Onofre, Raposo, Melo & Lino the other's can't come to my head now either. My mom and two of my sisters and brother also live here in California in the town of Gustine ,which is four miles distance from Newman.

Nelson David de Lima, Montreal, Canada Email: [email protected] submitted: Wed, Comments: Ol! Those names all stretch back to my great grandfathers. Victor Manuel Clementino De Sousa, (no address submitted) Email: "Victor De Sousa" [email protected]: Date submitted: Surnames: De Sousa, Clementino, Medeiros, Araújo Comments: Searching for any info on my family anywhere from the Parish of Nossa Senhora do Rosário ( Lomba da Maia, São Miguel Açores) with these surnames. Thank You Genealogists researching in the parish of So Pedro: Angela Medeiros, 561 S. I came to California in 1984 and my family came three years later. Genealogists researching in the parish of Divino Esprito Santo: Melody Lassalle, California, USA Email: [email protected] submitted: Sun, March 14, 2004 Surnames: de Braga, Paiva de Braga, de Mello, de Mello Castanho, Mello e Medeiros, Boteilho, Botelho da Rocha, Medeiros, Medeiros Cordeiro, Medeiros Pacheco, Pacheco de Resendes, Soares da Ponte, Raposo, Souza, Moniz, da Rocha, Pereira, Costa Carneiro, Medeiros Moniz, Furtado, Souza Pereira, Frias, Tavares, Matos, Bultao (Bulhao) de Medeiros, Cardoso Pereira, Furtado Leite, Moniz Barbosa.

He told my mother that his father remarried after his mother died. Eads St, Arlington, VA 22202 Tel.: (703) 920-8992 Email: [email protected] submitted: Tue, Place: Sao Miguel, Ribeiro Grande Surnames: Cabral, Medeiros, Pimentel and Tavares Comments: My recollection is sketchy but I do know that my paternal grandfather's family owned some sort of plantation or group of them in Sao Miguel and lived in the Ribeiro Grande area.

Stacey Cordeiro, Boston, MA Email: [email protected] Date: Wed, Village: Ribeira Grande Names: Correia, Janeiro Comment: My great-grandmother was Maria de Jesus Correia Janeiro, b. She immigrated to Rhode Island about 1912 to join her sister Maria (Dolores? Would like any information about Correia's or Janeiro's from Ribeira Grande.

[Calhetas] [Fenais da Ajuda] [Lomba da Maia] [Lomba de So Pedro] [Maia] [Pico da Pedra] [Porto Formoso] [Rabo de Peixe] [Ribeira Grande] [Ribeira Grande (Conceio)] [Ribeira Grande (Matriz)] [Ribeira Seca] [Ribeirinha] [So Brs] [Santa Brbara] of Ribeira Grande (parish unknown): Shirley Gonsalves da Silva Folston, Post Office Box 104, Somers, Montana 59932, USA Email: [email protected] [email protected] updated: Sun, May 01, 2005 San Miguel, Azores: Gonsalves da Silva, De Lima, De Jesus, Ferreira Pedro, Candida probably in Ribeira Grande and Vila Franca Comments: Manuel De Agrella Teixiera was from Prazeres an arrived in Honolulu on the KUMERIC June 27, 1907. They had eight suriving children, my mother Helena Magdelena Teixeira was one of them. Manuel wrote to a brother in Johanesberg, South Africa in the 1930's who signed himself Antonio de Agrella Teixeira, and a sister in Prazeres who wigned her letters Matilde de Agrella Pingo or Pinhere.

I still have the letters and have reason to believe that they may be children of his father by a second wife.

My fathers full name is Adelino Manuel Vitoria Goncalves Mare.

He is the son of the marriage of Manuel Jose Goncalves Mare and Jose Maria Vitoria. My fathers paternal grandparents were Jose Goncalves Mare and Justina do Corpo de Deus.

Jesse Mendes, New Bedford Tel.: 508.536.6021 Email: [email protected]: submitted: Fri, Jan 25, 2008 Village: Calheta Surnames: Torres, Mendes Comments: I am trying to learn about my relatives from the Azores. ) Mary Ann Santos, PO Box 358, New York, NY 10012 Tel.: 212-998-5702 Email: [email protected] Date submitted: before 1998 Surnames: Barbosa, Leite Barbosa, Medeiros Barbosa, Moniz Barbosa, Farias, Furtado, Medeiros Maciel, Pacheco.Comments: Need to know if anyone does research on this town (Pico de Pedra, So Miguel). Z-8, Vancouver, WA, 98684 Tel.: (360)944-7248 Email: [email protected] submitted: Tue, Village: Pico de Pedra Surnames: Viriato, da Silva Comments: Great-grandfather, Manoel Viriato da Silva migrated to Big Island of Hawaii on High Flyer, arr. Would appreciate any information you might have on her ancesters and the name of her husband, da Ponte.Looking for records on the Cabral and Carreiro families. Mc Kay, Cynde (no address submitted) Email: [email protected] submitted: before 1998 Village: Pico da Pedra, concelho de Ribeira Grande, S.Mary married Jauquin of Ponta Delgada around 1912 and left for the USA west coast in same year. Settled in Taunton, Mass, and then moved to Cambridge.

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Rudi Cabral, (no address submitted) Email: [email protected] submitted: before 1998 Surnames: Cabral, Carreiro. I believe she may have come across with her sister, who remained in Taunton.

Genealogists researching in the parish of Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres: Dennis Martin, 5871 Tandera Ave, San Jose, CA 95123 Email: [email protected] submitted: before 1998 Surnames: Furtado, Silveira. Any other information on family roots would be greatly appreciated. Joseph Dupont, (no address submitted), Boston, Mass, U. Comments: Looking for information on Emilia Tavares da Ponte (b.1881), arrived in Providence, RI, in August of 1913 with two children, Joseph August (b.1908) and John August (b.1911).