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01-Oct-2017 04:56

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Myers argues that the philosophy was actually well in line with what North Korea’s international benefactors prescribed.The merits of this argument are open to debate, but the author takes a vital step of trying to strip is too opaque and “too Korean” to be fully understood by Westerners, Myers shows that its basic tenets are neither unique nor uncommon among communist countries.This approach marks a welcome step away from treatments of North Korean history as linear and inevitable.Myers firmly opposes defining the North Korean state along the lines of Adrian Buzo’s “guerilla state.”[6] While such models often seem to accurately describe North Korea, they too often trace the country’s current character to events that occurred decades ago—as if the regime made no conscious decisions along the way.[7] Myers shows that North Korea’s history is, in truth, a result of concrete choices that have rarely followed a linear historical a logical result of North Korea’s geopolitical environment, and of the Korean peninsula’s history of invasion and subjugation by neighboring countries.When it comes to many of the questions raised about North Korea’s conduct, outsiders often will refer to ’s role throughout North Korean history is the target of B. Myers’s latest book,[1] which asserts that conventional assumptions about the philosophy’s significance are plain wrong.

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Readers are expected to believe that Soviet policy truly encouraged nationalist diversions from Marxist-Leninist doctrine simply because that was the message of Moscow’s propaganda.For example, certain archival materials from the 1940s hint at Soviet concern that North Korean communists were copying Soviet concepts without due thought, while other documents suggest that the Soviets were troubled by a lack of orthodoxy among North Korean communists on issues like land reform.

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