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This is crucial because a loose nail is a breeding ground for bacteria to seep through the opening between the overlay and your natural nail.

You want to avoid fungal growth at all costs, of course, so it's important to take care of this as soon as you notice it.

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These occur as a result of "lifting," which happens when the acrylic overlay separates from your natural nail plate.The nails are shaped with a file, buffed to shine and coated with clear nail polish.The result is usually a clean, flawless look if you've opted for white tips (or the traditional French manicure).Keep a close lookout for redness or peeling, as these can be signs of contact dermatitis, which may result from a reaction to the chemicals used when applying acrylics.

If your nails simply don't seem to handle acrylics well, discontinue use and opt for regular manicures instead - these look just as becoming but require far less upkeep! Next, understand that wearing acrylic nails also requires some commitment on your part - a bi-weekly commitment, to be exact.