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Malcolm ended up in an accident, as Alex and Neil returned to Genoa City.They realized that Malcolm must have overheard their conversation and that's why he left.Neil was extremely bothered by this because he was in love with Alex and he was about to reveal the truth when Alex finally decided to accept Malcolm's proposal of marriage.Alex desperately tried to hide any sign of involvement with Neil, while Neil was going through a rough time due to a death of his close friend.Mac was shocked to realize that Ralph was in town, and Mac's one-time love, Billy Abbott, jumped to her rescue when Mac came face-to-face with Ralph.Billy hit Ralph in the head, and he thought that he had killed him, but Ralph recovered.

Amanda came to Genoa City to find Mac, resulting in her leaving Ralph.Alex decided to move back to Minneapolis after she wasn't able to deal with the guilt. He would later become a prominent boyfriend of both Phyllis Summers and Jill Abbott.In July 2001, it was announced that Douglas had been let go from the role, and that it would be recast.He lived in a 35-room Long Island Victorian mansion, filled with great art, furniture from around the world, and all the "toys." When he realized that he was living to maintain his possessions instead of enjoying his life, he left it all behind and took a job in Genoa City.

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At some point along the way he had a relationship with Phyllis Summers.In a moment of depression, Neil admitted his feelings for Alex to Malcolm, but Alex reassured Malcolm that she did not care for Neil, and the couple went back to planning their life together.