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And warning them of risky locations and situations.Most people, reasonably enough, aren't much interested in politics and wars and religions, and prefer to have something to do that they like, and somewhere nice to live with people they like.Just as Australia, oxygen, bacteria, the beliefs of Andaman Islanders, buckyballs and NASA's frauds were discovered in the past.

I hope that, in time, the opposite view will take over: that it's essential to understand the Jewish problem, and that anyone who doesn't is rather simple-minded, like a believer in witchcraft or astrology.What follows are suggestions of mine, to be taken along with the rest of this page, and of course other sites, which I hope may help shape teaching and discussion groups around the world.My material is largely British and often shaped by my own reading and research; by all means use examples which appeal to you, the more the better.The show was cancelled in July 2008 after experiencing audience erosion and controversy.

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All eight seasons were produced by Endemol Southern Star and shown on Network Ten.

Between 20 it was also shown in New Zealand on TV2 and Prime.